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Linda Christensen – Chiasmus in Art

Linda Curley Christensen, a native Idahoan, was transplanted to Utah at the tender age of ten. She is the mother of seven, while also being a very prolific artist. Her hard work has earned her numerous awards, including the Gertrude Folgerson National Art Award. The most notable award of late is the highly sought after signature status of O.P.A. (Oil Painters of America) as well as being named one of the top 100 artists of Utah.

Linda has also continued to teach and study art extensively.  Her paintings touch the heart and stir the soul. She has evolved in her art from exact realism (every blade of grass) to a very different vantage point. “It is the emotion and song of art that means the most to me.” Her growth as an artist parallels a quotation by John Hafen found in her studio: “In paintings you may see hereafter, cease to look for mechanical effects of minute finish; for individual leaves, blades of grass, or aped imitation of things but look for smell, for soul, for feeling, for the beauty in line and color.”

Linda feels her life has been a journey out of the shadows moving steadily toward the light, and this progression is evident in her art. Through the use of beautiful color, masterful technique, and a deep love of her subject, she draws the observer into her quest for beauty, harmony and ultimately…light. “Ordinary scenes, like people, are around us all the time, waiting for the right moment and right light to illuminate their beauty, giving us a rare glimpse of their soul. That’s what painting has taught me and what I love the most. Searching for and finding that beauty. It’s so awesome!” –Linda

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