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Second Edition Now Available

Discoveries in Chiasmus – A Pattern in All Things, Second Edition [Paperback]

Compiled and edited by Yvonne Bent and Scott L. Vanatter, with chapters authored by Denver Snuffer, Greg Carlston, Scott L. Vanatter & Jared R. Demke, Mark A. Shields, Lenet Read, Kathryn Paulsen, Val Brinkerhoff, and Yvonne Bent.

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Post Conference

Discoveries in Chiasmus – A Pattern in All Things

A giant thanks to all who made this event so spectacular.  The day long conference featuring amazing and well researched material was topped off by some fantastic musicians performing chiastically written music. We even had an original piece written for this event.

The American Heritage School should be congratulated for hosting this event.  The facility and material lent to a most stimulating and spiritually instructive experience.

There is word out that perhaps next year we will be getting back together.  Requests are streaming in.

The book will be available around the first of the year, barring any unforeseen difficulties.

Thank you again for all you did to participate and support this event.

Denver Snuffer - Chiasmus in Everything

Denver C. Snuffer, Jr. is a convert to the LDS Church in 1973, and joined the church while on active duty in the US Air Force. In 1980 he received his doctor of Juris Prudence at Brigham Young University; admitted to the Bar: 1980, Utah and U.S. District Court, District of Utah; 1981, U.S. Claims Court; 1986, U.S. Court of appeals for the Federal Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court.  He is the senior partner in a law firm located in Sandy, Utah and has practiced law for thirty years. Denver has taught Gospel Doctrine in several wards for 21 years.  He has been the visiting instructor for the LDS Institute Program at the University of Utah College of Law 2001-2003.  He also taught at Education Week at BYU for three years.
He is the author numerous legal papers and six books:
The Second Comforter: Conversing With the Lord Through the Veil (2006)
Nephi’s Isaiah (2006)
Eighteen Verses (2007)
Ten Parables (2008)
Beloved Enos (2009)
Come, Let Us Adore Him (2009)

All of his books are available on-line through He currently maintains a blog at
He is and his lovely wife Stephanie have 9 children and reside in Sandy, Utah.  Five of those children are still living at home

Scott L. Vanatter - Davidic Chiasmus and Parallelisms

After beginning his career with Xerox Corporation in sales and marketing, Mr. Vanatter has served at the executive level for the past 25 years specializing in the profitable growth of technology, consulting, and political firms. Most recently he led the federal systems division for Robotic VISION Technologies, LLC.

He is now EVP and COO of a conservative think tank based just outside the Beltway. As a concerned citizen and small business owner, he co-founded two conservative political action committees in Southern California. He has been a speaker in various forums on a variety of political, fundraising and technology issues.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance, from California State University, Fullerton in 1980. Collaborating with Jared R. Demke (1957-2006), he is the creator and editor of the Davidic Chiasmus and Parallelisms website.

Lenet Hadley Read - The Bridegroom Chiasmus

Lenet Hadley Read has published many articles and several books. She wrote, at the Ensign’s request, the eight part series, How the Bible Came To Be, (1982), which was later published by Deseret Book as How We Got the Bible. Many of her published writings have dealt with symbolism and Israel’s Holy Days, including, The Lord’s Holy Days (Granite).  She just recently published, Your Birth Story: How Babies Come from Heaven. Her articles have appeared mostly in The Ensign, but also The Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, and The Encyclopedia of Mormonism.

She currently teaches Gospel Doctrine and was invited to share her lessons on She has taught at several CES Symposiums at BYU and at Education Week. She has taught Institute in both Indianapolis, IN and Houston, TX.

She obtained her BA from Brigham Young University in English and Literature and has done graduate work in Religious Studies at the University of Florida.

Her church callings include Stake Relief Society President (Tulsa, OK); Stake Young Women President (Gainesville, FL); Ward Relief Society President (Golden Gate Ward, San Francisco, CA), and Stake Public Affairs Director (Houston, TX).

She has also served a mission in the Ireland Dublin Mission. She is mother of five children and grandmother of twenty-one grandchildren.

Linda Christensen – Chiasmus in Art

Linda Curley Christensen, a native Idahoan, was transplanted to Utah at the tender age of ten. She is the mother of seven, while also being a very prolific artist. Her hard work has earned her numerous awards, including the Gertrude Folgerson National Art Award. The most notable award of late is the highly sought after signature status of O.P.A. (Oil Painters of America) as well as being named one of the top 100 artists of Utah.

Linda has also continued to teach and study art extensively.  Her paintings touch the heart and stir the soul. She has evolved in her art from exact realism (every blade of grass) to a very different vantage point. “It is the emotion and song of art that means the most to me.” Her growth as an artist parallels a quotation by John Hafen found in her studio: “In paintings you may see hereafter, cease to look for mechanical effects of minute finish; for individual leaves, blades of grass, or aped imitation of things but look for smell, for soul, for feeling, for the beauty in line and color.”

Linda feels her life has been a journey out of the shadows moving steadily toward the light, and this progression is evident in her art. Through the use of beautiful color, masterful technique, and a deep love of her subject, she draws the observer into her quest for beauty, harmony and ultimately…light. “Ordinary scenes, like people, are around us all the time, waiting for the right moment and right light to illuminate their beauty, giving us a rare glimpse of their soul. That’s what painting has taught me and what I love the most. Searching for and finding that beauty. It’s so awesome!” –Linda

To see more of Linda’s Art, go to

Val Brinkerhoff – Chiasmus in Architecture

Val Brinkerhoff is an Associate Professor of   Photography in BYU’s Visual Arts department, where he teaches courses ranging from portrait photography to advanced digital imaging.  He has authored or co-authored seven books, three of the most recent centered on unlocking the visual symbolism of sacred  architecture, ancient and modern, including that of Latter-day Saint temples as part of the “Sacred Places” project.

Val’s fine art print work has been exhibited widely and his photography and writing have been featured in periodicals including Photo Life, Photo Electronic Imaging, Photo Techniques, Darkroom Photography, PhotoGraphic, Modern Photography, BYU Studies, and others.

Val and his wife Trina life near the BYU campus and have 5 children. They are now empty nesters.

Yvonne Hawkins-Bent – Chiasmus in the Articles of Faith

Yvonne Hawkins-Bent, a native of Salt Lake City, grew up in a home steeped with the arts.  Talented in dance and music, she pursued her passions as well as raising 5 children.  She is married to Frank Bent and resides in El Cerrito, CA. with her 2 youngest children. She has 9 beautiful grandchildren.

Desirous to teach her children in a Gospel centered environment, she began to scour the scriptures to use them as the base curriculum for all learning.  After identifying all subjects with the exception of math and science, she was directed to study sacred geometry.  Her love of learning  has encompassed the classics, but her real joy was discovering the math and science in the scriptures.  She has learned that everything truly does testify of Christ right down to the atom.  There is a clear and visible pattern in all things, be they the microcosm or macrocosm; all matter is governed by law.  The scriptures are a giant physics “How To” book of delight to her.  She discovered the magnificent chiasmus in The Articles of Faith.

Her research has provided material for several art projects, which can be seen on for the 7th and 8th International art contests.  Both of her pieces reflect truth discovered regarding math connected to scriptural passages.  Yvonne discovered the mathematic connections to several Hebraic passages in scripture.  She operates The Home University, a private instruction consulting firm to help parents become more confident in teaching their own children.

Once a part of the Hawkins Sisters, she still loves to sing, plays the violin, cello, viola, and piano.  She loves meeting people, traveling, learning about other cultures, entertaining angels unawares, and reading great books in the bathtub.  She loves the Book of Mormon and thinks the Prophet Joseph Smith is one of the most unbelievably brilliant men who ever walked the face of the earth.  Her greatest love is the Savior, Jesus Christ

Rebecca Holt Stay

Rebecca Holt Stay was born and raised in Salt Lake City UT, and did research in constructing artificial tendons and kidneys while studying Material Science Engineering at the University of Utah. She married Randy Stay and moved to Michigan where their six children were born. 25 years ago, the Stays moved to Amherst, Ohio and Rebecca became involved in church history research on Parley P Pratt and conducted tours in Lorain and Kirtland, Ohio.

A ‘stay-at-home’ mom for years, Rebecca served on the board of Oberlin Choristers Children’s Choir, costumed high school summer theater, presented week-long American Girl summer history camps, did alterations on countless band and cheerleader uniforms, and worked part-time as a college math tutor.  In 1993 Stay was named a USA Today All-American Scholar, and then graduated valedictorian, Phi Beta Kappa from Oberlin College in 1995, with a double degree in Judaic / Near Eastern Studies and Comparative Religion.

Along with teaching Early Morning Seminary or Institute classes on for 25 years, Sister Stay has also served as ward Relief Society president and YW president, in the Stake Primary and Relief Society presidencies, and as cub scoutmaster and den mother.  She has eleven hilarious grandchildren.

Before moving to Utah to care for her dad, Rebecca attended Siegal College of Jewish Studies, reading the Old Testament in Hebrew and studying Rabbinic commentaries in the Mishnah and Talmud. She currently substitutes at the Orem Institute at UVU.

Kathryn Paulsen – Chiasmus and the Atom

Kathryn Paulsen, a native of Utah, has been married to Val Paulsen for 41 years and is the mother of 7 and grandmother to 16.  During her married life her family moved to Mesa Arizona in 1987 where  she learned the beginnings of “The Law and Order of the Universe“, how the physical world testifies of the spiritual laws and all things testify of Jesus Christ starting with electrons. Through her studies for truth and light she has learned the depth of physical things testifying of the spiritual.  She has come to understand that  the pattern of all things gives those desire these truths have a greater discernment between right and left and balance, and progression toward Godhood. Chiasmus may be best understood as that pattern that is the foundation in every atom.  Studying the scriptures and learning in this arena has given her  an understanding that the elements are eternal, and spirit and element, inseparably connected, so they can receive a fullness of joy.” D&C 93:33